Invest in Thane

Thane City is located in the north-eastern part of Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra. The city is flanked by many lakes, famous among them being Talao Pali. Parsik and Yeoor hills are also famous destinations in Thane. Thane has a cosmopolitan culture just like Mumbai. It has a very rich culture and every festival is celebrated with gusto here.


The educational sector in Thane is well developed. It has many engineering, medical and professional colleges. This sector offers much growth potential, as the government has relaxed FDI norms in this sector. Also, the education sector is growing tremendously with more people opting for higher education and better options. Hence, this is a potent area of investment for foreign investors.


Thane has many industrial areas, such as the Wagle industrial estate, and TTC estate, amongst others. These industrial areas have all kinds of industries, such as chemical, textile, engineering and electrical ones. Major IT corporations such as Godrej, TCS and Aplab are situated in Thane.


There are many IT parks coming up in the city of Thane. It is a good area for software companies to set shop in. It is an industrialized city and has many transport options available. In addition, there is a huge talent pool available for IT and IT related companies in Thane. BPO and KPO industries also have a presence here. With the IT industry poised to grow further, this is a very good investment option.


Chemical and Pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithkline also are located in Thane. The government allows 100% FDI investment in the drugs and chemical industry via the automatic route. In addition, there are also many textile organizations and small scale organizations in Thane which offer good prospects.


The retail industry is also a potential investment option. Many retail chains have opened in Thane. There is a huge customer base in Thane for branded and foreign products, and services. Hence, this offers much scope for investment.


The real estate sector is yet another growth prospect. With more industries and services coming up, this sector is slated for growth. Also, the transport facilities in Thane are very good. It is efficiently linked to other regions in Mumbai, which is a plus. It is also a more affordable and popular destination for home seekers. Real estate options in Thane are enormous and great for investment purposes.


With industrialization, the existing transport system is also undergoing an overhaul. Many flyovers are being planned in Thane to improve accessibility. There is huge potential for foreign investment in this sector. Also, there is no cap for FDI investment in this sector as 100% FDI through an automatic route is allowed. Thus, this is a very lucrative option for investment.


Thane is a fast growing and evolving city in Mumbai. It offers a plethora of options for investment in the above mentioned sectors. Thus, foreign investors can look at Thane for investments considering its scope and potential for the future.