Invest in Vadodara

Vadodara is one of the cosmopolitan cities of India. It is located in the central part of the Indian state, Gujarat. It is basically known as the largest beneficiary to the Indian process of industrialization. A number of factors such as the availability of raw materials, financial resources, product demand, material and financial resources, skillful mobilization of human resources and, last but not least, thriving public and private entrepreneurs have made Vadodara one of India's fastest growing industrial centers.


Vadodara is very well backed by both support and social infrastructures, which are sufficient for the process of investing. It has a sophisticated power supply network, which contains 48 sub stations and has six gas pipelines. The water supply is also systematic and several projects have been undertaken for the purpose of irrigation and industrial uses.


It also has a sophisticated road, rail and air connectivity, all of which will make Vadodara a preferred destination to invest.



Investment Opportunities in Vadodara:


The investment opportunities in Vadodara are pervasive in almost all sectors and some of the major industries include:


  • Food And Agro-based industries: Rice Pearl, Cotton ginning and Pressing , Dehydration Plants


  • Mineral Based Industries: Cement pipe production, quarry, mosaic, micronized minerals, tar and so on.


  • Engineering: Machinery and Electronic equipment, Construction of windows and grills.


  • Chemicals: Metal, wood, pesticides, varnishes, cosmetics, perfumes and many more.


  • Forest related industries: Furniture, Ayurvedic medicines


  • Animal related industries: Dairy, Poultry, Cattle feed, wool, leather, bone fertilizers


  • Plastic: Molded Electronic accessories, melamine crockery, submersible pumps, polythene bags


  • Textiles: Carpet weaving facilities and silk production


Vadodara has already attracted a number of foreign investors. This can be corroborated by the presence of several Multinational Companies such as the French Petrochemical company, ABB. The ABB is planning to invest $500 million in its Vadodara plant to use it as a worldwide source base for electrical equipment and circuit breakers. 


However, the main cynosure of Vadodara for investors lies in the Vadodara- Ankleshwar Industrial Area which is strategically located and has easy access to the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) which links Vadodara with the major dominating cities in India and also provides additional value to investors in the Vadodara-Akkleshwar region. Its key sectors include Biotech, Chemicals and Petrochemicals, and Food and Agriculture. Its industrial infrastructure contains 13 industrial estates and 3 SEZs. It also has a touch of the future outlook and has export oriented industrial units, Ceramics, Chemicals, Pharma and Textile industries and has SEZ to cater to engineering. It has integrated townships for investors and has an opportunity for development of Duel fuel and Gas based captive plants.


The state government of Gujarat is also keeping no stone unturned to attract investors to Vadodara under its Vibrant Gujarat global investors Summit - an initiative of the state government of Gujarat - to attract more and more foreign investment to Gujarat. With all the favorable investing opportunities, and a Vibrant backing of the government, Vadodara is surely one of the best destinations in India to invest.