Retailing is the process of selling a product or service to the end consumer and is the last leg in the product supply link. The retail industry is growing tremendously in India. It's the biggest sector next to agriculture in terms of employment and turnover.   The rapid expansion is being experienced due to the entry of both the Indian corporations as well as the global players. Further, the hike in the purchasing power, evolving consumer...
 The Indian Commerce and Industry Minister on Friday said that his Ministry will go ahead with the Foreign Direct Investment recommendations for the retail and defence sector in the country. A draft discussion paper of the industry department proposed to allow 51% FDI in the currently out of bound multi-brand retail sector, but with attached conditions.  In the government note, it is proposed that foreign multi-brand retail chains...
 Major investors in the NZ tourism industry are keen on increasing airline services to stimulate a comeback in global visitors to NZ after a long lull due to the effects of the volatile economic situation. To this end, the NZ government announced a surplus $30 million for Tourism New Zealand’s (TNZ) marketing budget that now tops $100 million representing the highest ever budget the TNZ has ever had for the marketing of the country as “100...

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