India’s national brand steams ahead

• India’s national brand increased in value by 31.6%, the second fastest growth of any nation on the Brand Finance Nation Brand 100
• India is now ranked the 9th most valuable brand in the world, and the third in Asia after only China and Japan
• India’s national brand is rated A+, with especially high marks for foreign perceptions of India’s culture, government, and society
• India’s top-10 showing towers over neighbours Pakistan (58th), Bangladesh (60th), and Sri Lanka (76th)

Brand Finance’s Nation Brand 100 measures the strength of National Brands

The report measures the strength and value of country’s economic reputations abroad, their “national brands”. Every country on the table is given a letter grade from AAA to DDD on the strength of their brand and a total value based on the brand’s economic impact.

India’s national brand showed strong growth
India’s national brand increased in value by $305 billion USD to a total of $1266 billion. This ranks India as the 9th most valuable nation brand, one of only three developing countries to make the top 10. India’s 31.6% increase in growth was the second fastest in the world, behind only China’s 41% increase.

India & China
The two Asian giants dominated the list of fastest growing brands. While China’s national brand saw a faster increase, India received a higher brand strength rating. Especially on the issue of national reputation and respect for government, India continued to out-pace China. Investors were drawn to China’s economy, but worried about its political system and growing social problems.

Success across the BRICs
India’s impressive performance is mirrored across the developing world, especially in the BRIC economies (Brazil, Russia, India, and China). The collective value of the BRIC national brands increased by $1.4 trillion. There was also strong growth in other emerging markets, notably in Latin America and South East Asia

Tough times in the West

The brand value of the G7 developed economies fell by $1.436 trillion as America saw its credit rating downgraded, Japan suffered from its tragic earthquake, and Europe floundered in an increasingly dangerous debt crisis. America held its position as the world’s most valuable brand, but is losing ground compared to emerging markets like India and China.


Top 10 most Valuable Brands
1. USA ($11,370B)
2. Germany ($3,146B)
3. China ($3,001B)
4. Japan ($1,940B)
5. United Kingdom ($1,859B)
6. France ($1,673B)
7. Italy ($1,515B)
8. Canada ($1,309B)
9. India ($1,266B)
10. Brazil ($959B)

Top 5 Best Performing Brands
1. China (+40.4%)
2. India (+31.6)
3. Estonia (+24.6)
4. Singapore (+23.4%)
5. Qatar (+22.7%)
6. Indonesia (+22.6)
7. Argentina (+22.1%)
8. Brazil (+21.5%)
9. Croatia (+21.2%)
10. Turkey (+19.8)

Top 10 Worst Performing Brands
1. Greece (-41%)
2. Ireland (-40.1%)
3. Japan (-25.9%)
4. Spain (-15.8%)
5. Austria (-14.1%)
6. Italy (-12.4%)
7. Peru (-12.4%)
8. Hungary             (-11.2%)
9. Portugal (-9.7%)
10. USA (-4.8%)

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