World Cinema Directors Show Interest in Indian Film Making

In the ‘Meet the Directors – World Cinema’ section at the 43rd International Film Festival of India in Goa, today three Directors of different languages – Spanish, French and Hebrew – evinced keen interest in the processes and procedures of film making in India. Alejandro Fadel, the Director of the Spanish film ‘Wild Ones’, Safy Nebbou, the Director of the French film ‘Bad Seeds’ and Idan Hubel, the Director of Hebrew film ‘The Cut Off Man’ narrated ‘behind the scene’ stories of their film making. They were rather keen to learn more about Indian film making scenario than to talk about their films at the press conference. All the three films are being shown at ‘Cinema of the World’ section at IFFI-2012.

The Spanish film ‘Wild Ones’ by Alejandro Fadel tells about five teenagers who violently escape a reform school in an Argentinean province. They travel on foot, across hills, a hundred kilometers, for the promise of a new home. They carry a few supplies and a shotgun. They hunt to feed, rob the homes they pass by, bath in the river and fight with each other. Their trip is an evolutionary voyage into the wilderness, one that soon becomes a mystic fable about courage and grace.

The French film ‘Bad Seeds’ by Safy Nebbou is the story of a quiet 16-year-old boy Louis. He is the son of a high school headmaster and has never faced any trouble. His best friend, 18-year-old Greg, however, is his polar opposite – provocative, angry, violent; he has been kicked out of school for physically threatening young English teacher Camille. When Greg asks Louis to help him take revenge on Camille, Louis accepts. Together, they kidnap the young woman and lock her in an old remote shack. But Greg’s plans with Camille are more sinister than Louis could ever have foreseen, forcing him to confront his own dark side.

The story of the Hebrew film ‘The Cut Off Man’ by Idan Hubel goes like this: Gabi cuts off the water supply to people who don’t pay their bills. The more he cuts, the more money he makes. Gabi keeps cutting; he has a family to support. Gabi’s son, who dreams of being a professional soccer player, is his only hope. But when one day Gabi comes to cut off the water of a sponsor on his son’s team, it looks like their dream will shatter.

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