10,431 MW Renewable Energy capacity added during last 3 years against a target of 9623 MW

A capacity addition of 10,431 MW against a target of 9623 MW has been achieved from renewable energy sources during the last 3 years. The total installed capacity of power generation from renewable energy in the country is 26,920 MW. During 2012-13, a capacity addition of 2005.57 MW has been achieved till 31.01.2013 against the target of 4125 MW. State-wise targets for the power generation from renewables are not fixed. Tamilnadu topped the list by producing 3113 MW, followed by Gujrat 2389 MW, Rajasthan 1930 MW, Maharastra 1699 MW, Karnataka 1394 MW & Andhra Pradesh 408 MW.

The Ministry is implementing a number of schemes / programmes, throughout the country, for the development and tapping the potential of new and renewable energy sources. Details of these schemes/programmes are given under:-


o Wind Power : MW-scale Wind Farms/Aero generators/ Hybrid systems

o Bio-power: Biomass power/ Cogeneration

o Small Hydro Power : Small hydro power plants upto 25 MW capacity; Watermills/Micro hydel plants

o Solar Power: Grid-interactive -Solar Thermal and SPV power generation plants, and off-grid/ decentralized systems for various applications under National Solar Mission.


o Remote Village Electrification Programme : provision of lighting/ electricity in the unelectrified remote villages/ hamlets

o Biomass Gasifier for Rural Energy / Industrial Energy.

o Biogas Programme: setting up of Family Type biogas plants for cooking/ lighting/ manure/ small scale power generation

o Solar Thermal Systems: deployment of decentralized solar thermal systems/ devices (mainly solar cookers/driers for cooking, drying farm produce) under National Solar Mission.



o Biomass(non-bagasse) cogeneration/ U&I Waste to Energy

o Solar water heating systems – for domestic, institutional, commercial/ industrial applications under National Solar Mission.

o Solar air heating/ steam generation systems – for community cooking/other applications in institutions and industry under National Solar Mission.

o Geen Buildings – incorporating active renewable energy systems and passive designs

o Solar Cities – Planning for reducing their conventional energy consumption through energy conservation and use of renewable energy devices/ systems

The above information was given by the Minister for New & Renewable Energy Sh. Farooq Abdullah in Lok Sabha today.

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