Agri Min urges progressive farmers to make farming profitable without subsidies

Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar on Monday urged 'progressive' farmers to think of contributing to the country's farm GDP and set example by making farming profitable without depending on government subsidies.


He, however, made it clear that the government is committed towards providing subsidies to farmers and it will continue.


Tomar also said that doubling farmers' income by 2022, set by the Prime Minister, is not the government's target alone, it is the target of each farmer.


We would not have reached to the current level of production without the government support. However, there is a thinking that we (farmers) will stand up if the government gives subsidies. In anyway, the government is committed to support farmers and will continue to do so," Tomar said.


However, it is important to realise what will happen if there was no government subsidies. Can we still make our agriculture profitable?" he said.


You (progressive farmers) should think over this reality sitting in your farm field and take steps to raise farm output without depending on government and make efforts to adopt new technologies and innovations to get better results, Tomar added.