IIFT's Centre for trade facilitation and logistics working to boost performance of 9 key trade sectors on global level

The Centre for Trade Facilitation and Logistics (CTFL), under the aegis of the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), recently organised a round table meet at the IIFT, New Delhi campus.


The meet was attended by heads and representatives from various key sectors along with academicians and logistics experts. The round table meet was chaired by N. Sivasailam, Special Secretary, Logistics Division, Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Prof Manoj Pant, Head CTFL and Director IIFT.


The CTFL is an institution that was set up at the IIFT Campus in 2018 by the Logistics Division, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. CTFL aims at helping India's Trade and Logistics expertise by acting as a forum for collaborations on domestic and international fronts to gain competitiveness at a global level.


CTFL is working towards the development of a sector specific Logistics Performance Index (LPI-S). There is no such index at present; the purpose of this index is to serve as a common measure of logistics performance for various industries in India.


This measure would help industries of different sectors to pinpoint critical issues in the logistics efficiency and related policy implications which would smoothen the process of movement of goods leading to an increase in the overall national and global trade. An efficient logistics performance can also help resolve the current big issue of trade deficit.


CTFL has been given a mandate to work along with nine different sectors and councils to understand and measure their logistics performance. These key sectors include leather, electronics, marine, apparel, agriculture, gems and jewellery, chemical, engineering goods and pharmaceuticals. To achieve this objective, different workshops and sector meets have been planned throughout the year to understand the logistics issues faced by the sectors through working with the key stakeholders and industry experts.