World looking at India with keen interest: Vice President

Interacting with the Officer Trainees of the 2018 Batch of the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) and Bhutanese Diplomats, the Vice President referred to the growing prominence of India on the world stage and underscored the need for enhancing support from world nations and building a sustained dialogue in favor of UNSC reforms.


The Vice President also stressed the need to build a consensus for expansion and democratization of a number of multilateral fora to ensure representation to a number of other emerging nations. Congratulating the young officers for choosing IFS as a profession, Mr. Naidu said that the Service offered a challenging and exciting career and a unique opportunity to take India's great civilizational and cultural ethos with its developmental aspirations to the rest of the world.

Terming the young diplomats as 'future spokespersons, interpreters, and narrators of India's story to the world', the Vice President said that they would soon work on constructing new bridges of understanding between India and the rest of the world. 'You can play an important role in shaping the geopolitics of the future and in determining the new world order', he told them.


Naidu cautioned that the return of the unwelcome tendency of protectionism would adversely impact the global effort for collective advancement. Despite the acknowledged need for an Integrated World Order, new walls are being to the free flow of goods and services and people as well, he added. Outlining the challenges the budding diplomats would have to deal with, he expressed his concern over the threat posed by terrorism. Observing that no country was immune to the consequences of terrorism, he called for a united response from world nations to curb the menace of terrorism.