New Delhi Municipal Smart City project deadline; One thousand 240 crores Will start work in October

Inspection and control center, smart water and electricity grid, road, parking and classrooms - in primary category


The council was told that in the scheme 311 of Smart City should be provided to all citizen facilities except for the time limit set. 


Increase in enrollment and registration of OPD schools in schools after Smart Initiative - NDMC President


      The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development has asked the New Delhi Municipal Council to complete the smart city projects prematurely so that the creation of smart city construction can be presented throughout the country. Yesterday evening, housing and urban development secretary Shri Durga Shankar Mishra fixed the deadline during the review of the implementation of the NDMC Smart City Plan. On this occasion NDMC chairperson Shreenesh Kumar and senior officials of the Ministry and Council were also present.


      NDMC has started a smart city scheme of Rs. 1,800 crore. Work will be started on various important projects from October this year on different phases. Tender work is in progress. It includes integrated command and control center, smart water and electricity grid, multi-level parking in Khan Market, sensor-based smartparking, public motorcycle sharing, better facilities in three hundred 33 additional classes, sewer management plant, smart public-health center etc. 13 roads will be redone. These will include a range of 31 km. Seven roads will be connected to Cunat Place. The work will begin soon.


      Five hundred crore Work on different projects will be started by March next year. These include the India Investment Center at Yashwant Palace, Shivaji Terminal Transport Hub and World Class Skill Center at Moti Bagh, Tourism Bhawan etc.


     Presenting the details of the project, NDMC Chairman Mr. Naresh Kumar said that the New Delhi Municipal Council has given a smart start to the scheme with smart solutions, whose positive results have also started to come. Nomination number and OPD registration have improved greatly in students. 444 classrooms have been converted into smart classes. Online registration is going on in the hospitals run by the council. Citizens are connected through Mobile App Smart City 311. The use of various online services is increasing.


      Mr. Durga Shankar Mishra, Secretary, Housing and Urban Development told NDMC that 311 more information on bus services such as bus schedules, bus stops, parking available also. They also instructed that people living in NDMC area should be brought under this platform and should be encouraged to use this app.


      NDMC Chairman Shri Naresh Kumar assured that most of the projects will be operational by October this year and remaining projects will start in March next year. Thus, all Smart City projects will be completed before the 2020 deadline.


      Mr. Naresh Kumar requested the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development to shift the 'Central Vista' for smart redesign and management. The Ministry has given assurance of consideration on this demand.


      Expressing concern over the low-use of parking of multi-level work in the Sarojini Nagar area, Secretary, Shri Durga Shankar Mishra said that the Council should bring a work plan for the full use of this parking and make cross-roads for pedestrians in Connaught Place and Khan Market. Work on the right action plan for soon.


      Expressing his happiness over the implementation of the Council's Smart City projects, Mr. Mishra said that special communication outreach programs should be made to provide information about the benefits to the people on these initiatives.


      He also said that the integrated command and control center, smart water and electricity grid, etc. will pave the way for effective resource management, more information should be given to the people and the public participation should be encouraged.


      NDMC Chairman Shri Naresh Kumar said that NDMC has installed 3.30 MW solar power solar panels on roofs of various buildings. Shri Naresh Kumar also suggested that NDMC should be allowed to install solar panels on the rooftops of buildings of various central offices for free or at a minimum cost.


      Mr. D.S. Mishra also said that NDMC should convert various large parks to smart form. This work can be completed at a very low cost, but it will help people to feel better in the park and get a good experience.