Invest in Punjab

The State of Punjab is located in northwest India. The state shares an international border with Pakistan. Chandigarh is its capital city. Other prominent cities in the state include Amritsar, location of the famous golden temple, Jalandhar, Mohali, and Ludhiana.  The major occupation of the state is agriculture, and it is the single-largest wheat producing state in India. The state is referred to as the “food basket and granary of India” for its large contribution to Indian agricultural harvest.


Punjab is a wonderland with limitless business investment opportunities in the agro-based industry. Apart from being the largest wheat producer in India, the state also grows an array of crops, including sugarcane, corn, and maize amongst others. The state also is engaged in horticulture and forestry activities. The investment potential in the agro-based sector of Punjab lies in the following areas:

  1. There are investment opportunities in the processing of minor and major crops.
  2. The state of Punjab also has a good poultry industry, and it also has good potential for foreign investment. The state also has huge potential for investments in the animal husbandry sector.
  3. The state is rich with cattle, and it produces a host of dairy products. The dairy sector is another sector that promises tremendous returns on your investment.
  4. Investment opportunities are also found in the processing of fruits and vegetables.
  5. Because the state produces huge agricultural products, there is investment opportunity galore in crop processing and the AGRO industrial residue sector.


The state of Punjab is culturally diverse and is naturally endowed with fertile soil and a good river system. The state occupies about 1.54% of India's total land. It is a land of numerous opportunities for making investments:

  1. The state has abundant educated and professionally skilled workers.
  2. It has a well-established export base.
  3. The state has good transparent and hassle-free bureaucratic administrative setup.
  4. The state is blessed with good infrastructure, including a well connected intra-transport system, sophisticated telecommunication setup, and an uninterrupted and cheap power supply.
  5. The per capita income of the state is high; thus, it provides a good consumer market. 


Besides the agro-based sector there are other sectors that have great promise for investments. Some of the other sectors in which investing can result in good returns are:

  • Chemical Industries including Pharmaceuticals
  • Engineering Industries
  • Infrastructure Modernization and Development
  • Textiles
  • Leather and Sports Goods  


To attract foreign investment the state government of Punjab has announced several attractive policies to lure new investors in the state. These policies are basically aimed to facilitate complete economic development of the state by providing incentives and attractive schemes to the investors.


The state government has announced the Industrial policy of Punjab with an aim to attract investment and put industrial development of the state on fast track. The main objectives of the policy are to:


  1. Create a conducive environment for investors to invest by providing world-class infrastructure and reduced regulations.
  2. Make Punjab an ideal destination for attracting investment from foreign countries by creating a well-framed institutional framework and competitive environment for businesses.
  3. Make the state of Punjab globally competitive in the new privatized and liberalized economy and ever-changing business environment.
  4. Transform the Punjab state to a knowledge society by providing IT education.


Thus, through the initiative of the government coupled with the natural endowment and the huge agricultural sector, Punjab is a state to invest in.