Physical Infrastructure


1. Ports:


Tamil Nadu has numerous ports of which 3 major ports are located at Chennai, Ennore, and Tuticorin. A desalination plant, to be set up in Chennai, is supposed to enhance the existing availability.


2. Railways:


Tamil Nadu has an extensive railway network of 4,180 km with a density of 32.2 km per 1,000 sq km.


3. Airways:


Tamil Nadu has the third largest airport in India.  The city of Tiruchirappalli hosts an international airport. 7 international airlines run 28 exclusive cargo flights every week, and an EDI facility is provided for the clearance of customs.


4. Roads:


The state of Tamil Nadu consists of a wide network of roads that link it to major urban centers, rural habitations, and agricultural markets. Tamil Nadu is one of the terminuses for the Golden Quadrilateral project. The total road length of Tamil Nadu is 167,000 km.